Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Back to land of dreams

In Malayalam ‘college’ stands for ‘Kalalayam’, House of Arts. This was the place where a new generation was set towards nation building and a better future. I doubt the relevance of the word today.

As we walked right back into the college after 3 years, the irony of life continued to haunt. We counted the days to the final day while we were in the college. We wanted to graduate, fly, earn money and live the ‘cool’ life. We would go out with a hot piece of boy/girl, wear the trendiest of costume. We accomplished most of these, but we would give up anything to get back our old life.
As we walked right back in, the sunny days seemed to return. It was a holiday and the campus was deserted. Once this campus was filled with our screams, laughter, fear, tension…

So many seasons had changed and so did the old friends. But still some of the old wounds and egos remained. The smallest things we do can cause a butterfly effect that could last generations.

Over all these years one invaluable lesson learnt was the greatest thing you could carry out of a college is your relationships- some good, some bad. Invariably you would have learnt a lesson out of it all.

There are people who lie dormant and inactive in college. Suddenly they bloom as soon as they step out.

There are blood friends who pledged their friendship till ‘death do us apart’. With in a few months they would never know if the other exists. There are people who don’t even try to get in touch when they are in town. On the other hand there are people who act as link between the batch mates however far they are.

There are girls who get ‘practical’ after they graduate. They would hang on with a guy in college, exchange gifts, kisses and promises. After 4 years they suddenly realize it’s no longer ‘practical’!
There are couples who convert their ‘deep’ friendship to marriage. In fact we are waiting for a ‘brother-sister’ pair to live happily ever after.

But in any case I have not found any rich-poor affairs. Everyone loves to play it safe- same caste and probably a bit more well off. The dowry counts at the end of the day
We spent almost an hour or two exchanging tid-bits. There were no tears. When we parted we promised to keep in touch. I doubt!

I clicked some pics too

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