Thursday, May 16, 2013

Chotta Bheem eats out at McD

Chotta Bheem eating at Mc Donalds would be a very curious and interesting sight to behold. But that is due to happen soon. The Hindu puritans doesn’t appear to care much about this aberration. They normally don’t need a second invitation to clean the cultural mess of the country. The familiar scenes of burning paintings, books, beating the girls out of pubs ran through my mind. Why was Chotta Bheem spared?

 The beauty of Hinduism as a religion is there is a set of Gods who are vivid and multi dimensional. Caging these ‘Gods’ to an idiot box must have been very trying for its makers. Chotta Bheem is a curious case of convenient conformity to populist culture. It was the brain child of some innovative entertainer to bring in the super humans to animated form. They made sure that the whole theme suits the taste of middle class Indian. Hence the controversial items like roasting up the tribal woman and her five children were avoided. Soon the series caught the imagination of kids stunted in the tiny apartments.

The first people who realized benefits of Aryanization of Hinduism was GoI way back in times of Rajiv Gandhi. As a result white skinned beautiful Gods & Godesses visited the Indian households across the country. The villains were dark , ugly & noisy. Thus we have a homogenous & unipolar religion.

Meanwhile McD who were on the lookout to capture the huge Indian market by cheap junk foods found out a way. Why not let the Gods market. The children wont have much trouble in eating what their superheroes eat. Soon the parents & Grandparents have to hunt for a McD outlet to eat. Soon millions of slim, sad people would be happily grabbing & munching burgers

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