Monday, July 26, 2010


‘God’ is some term man has been trying to define since the Day1. Since ‘God’ seems to be too tough for man to grasp, he has put ‘God’ in some defined boundaries and refuses to take him out of it.

On the other hand there are people who totally refuse to believe that there is an entity called ‘God’.

A few days back I read a blog questioning the existence of ‘God’. He had put some valid points which I found it tough to answer. And one unquestionable question is ‘What is God to you?’

The question gets all more the relevant when we get into tough circumstances. It doesn’t help when we notice that the ‘harmless’, ‘innocent’ and ‘good’ people runs into more and more bad situations.

I always dream about travelling to far off places. I would go there and roam about listlessly. I would buy all the worthless items as souvenirs. Moreover I dream taking breathtaking snaps.

I have been planning a trip for sometime. It was being delayed repeatedly. Recently I persuaded four others to come along. At last the plans seemed to come to the point of realization. In the morning of the travel all four pulled out.

Friends ask me, ‘What is the big deal? You can plan again’. They would never realize it was my dream. Things that are trivial to one are dear to another.

At this point of time I ask, ‘Where are you God? Why does this happen to me?’

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Torn Apart

I grew up reading books on the common good of the almighty one. All Gods were one and the ultimate aim of any religion was the goodness of man.

After 9/11 an anti-Muslim feeling swept across the globe. I sympathized with the plight of Muslim brethren. I argued with my dad who is a vehement anti-Muslim. I protested loudly against his clich├ęd attitudes. I took sides with liberals against the hypocrisy and double standards of the western media.

But today I am having serious doubts on my stand.

A teacher from Kerala faced severe ire from the Muslim community because he put a question paper that offended Prophet Mohammad. Kerala never had to experience senseless communal violence. Not many expected the incidents to take an ugly turn.

Prof. T.J. Joseph was stopped on his way home from church last Sunday. The attackers used an axe to hack off his hand. Kerala woke up to the shocking news on Monday. The comparatively moderately religious people of Kerala are opening their eyes to the neo-Taliban.

I happened to get the offensive question paper. The extract was from the novel of a Muslim writer. The extract had a conversation between a mad man and God. The Professor gave the mad man the name Mohammad, a common name in Kerala.

The mad man asks God, ‘How much pieces do I get when I hack a fish?’

‘Three, stupid’. How does this Insult religion?

The sickening part is the crime was carried out by a religious party with good number of followers. NDF or Popular Front is not a sidelined party. I knew my class mates who worked for it.

If such a divisive act is carried out by a populist party, we have something to be concerned about. Anti national activities is no longer confined to ghettos. It has spread to all strata of society and poverty is no longer the reason.

Liberals are no longer needed to prove this as an isolated incident. The Muslim community of India has to do a serious introspection on the reason why Islam is fast deteriorating to a terror religion.

There was a time when Sufism preached about the great sacrifice of love. But thanks to the oil money from Saudi, Wahabbism has spread its tentacles all around the world. Any other version of Islam is ungodly today.

We Indians prided ourselves to the point of arrogance on ‘Unity’. How much longer will we use the word ‘India’?

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Wedding Bells

A conversation I had with a Muslim friend of mine:

‘Hey, why do you marry off your girls at such an early age? Wouldn’t they like to enjoy the life of a single?’

Down here Muslim boys marry off as soon as they graduate. They would be financially well placed with relatives in the Gulf countries. It wouldn’t be difficult for a graduate to secure a job. Soon they would be planning to get married and produce off-springs in the next 10 months. Girls would be married off as soon as they are 17-18.

‘Dude, woman’s uterus would be elastic at a tender age. So in order to get healthy kids marry a girl as young as possible ’. So that was the reason, wow!

The reason why I recollected the conversation now:

No one would have read the great love story of Zara and Bunny. I wrote it a lifetime ago. Although I painted a rosy picture in the blog it was not so in reality. She was jobless and moreover hopeless. I talked with her a few months back and the situations were a bit bleak.

But I was struck by her enthusiasm and positive attitude. She always remained cheerful and happy in tough times. In fact I used to take up my silly troubles with her when she was in a worse situation.

The last day I texted her the evils of marrying late.

‘It would be tough to get a healthy bunch of kids if your uterus turns plastic!’

Thankfully, the next day I was informed that wedding bells would be chiming early next year.

It’s tough to see a love affair fruiting into a happy married life. Nowadays the young lovers refuse to get bothered and break up on mutual understanding. The losers go commit suicide.

I feel proud of the couple who stood together for a long time through not so easy situations.

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