Friday, January 31, 2014

Movie Review- Ezhu Sundhara Raathrikal

Sometimes I wonder how easy it would be for a Friday paper 'reviewer' to write on films. You almost have the same stuff fried, deep-fried or dipped in sauce and shoved in to your throat week after week.

After a period of arguments on if the new generation wave will prevail on the traditional bastions, the old generation directors gave into the market force and has started coming up with new experiments bottled in old wineskin

One such guy is director Lal Jose who made his niche making beautiful movies on simple people captured in scenic frames. He has jumped into the new generation bandwagon and has done a shit piece named as 'Ezhu Sundhara Raathrikal'(seven beautiful nights'. If the name has no seduced you into watching it yet, I would deem you lucky

Now here is a list of features compiled together that would help you to classify a new gen movie even before you actually see it

1. The hero has moved from scenic and peaceful countryside to city and bachelor pads
2. He works in çool  jobs like 'journalism' Album, 'Business' or photography
3. The women will believe in social empowerment but ultinately will be cheated by the boyfriend and will roam around looking for revenge by screwing every sex crazed man. In the end she will sign off by a very short speech.
4. Beep words should be used liberally and even more better if women use it
4. The protagonists should be from Kochi since that's whereáll the new generation people resides.
5. The playback singer should do in husky voice with liberal use of noise any acooustic guitar can make.
6. It would be good if the hero roams around in his pad on his boxers7. Now you don't need much of characters- Guy, Gal two or three crazy friends

Now to wrap it all up there should be two r three stories which are made to  meet ogether in the end making everone look stupid

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