Monday, October 7, 2013

Happy B'day to meee

You still have no apartment or vehicle to call your own. You still have no girlfriend and you been losing sleep searching for that species over net. You don’t know driving yet and the hairline has been residing daily. These might be the prominent signal for approaching milestone which reads….’30’

I had turned off the FB notification so I could live without posting ‘ Thank you all for your wishes’. No one would yet know that I am just 2 years away from 30. Some 15 years ago I woke up this day hoping some pretty girl would wish me Happy Birthday. Never happened.

Some how I felt the childhood memories rushing in again. Birthday was the only one day when we were allowed to wear some colorful outfit, giving a break to the usual blue-grey uniform. The night before you cajole , coax and create a tantrum to persuade your Dad to get you a box of chocolates. Then in the first hour you rise up give the chocolates to your classmates. Then you go around every classroom giving one each to the class. You are the star of the day with a few guys hanging on to you hoping to get an extra chocolate. The shine lasts for one more day and then it’s old life again.

13 and 18 were two ages I looked forward to. The former being the unofficial year when you enter the teens. By then it would be cool to fall in love. 18 being the official age of adulthood.

Today I don’t look forward to the birthdays. No one knows it except for some internet sites which sends you these digital birthday greetings. No one asks for a treat, you wake up go to the office, check around , come back home and go to sleep.

This birthday was  abit different- The first thing in the morning I got a chance to fly out to Hyderabad for a couple of days- Welcome Break. In the evening when I got out from the office an old lady stood my way asking for 10 bucks to go home. She had come to worship at the church and go back home by bus if someone lends her the money.

Not a bad birthday after all

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