Sunday, March 9, 2014

Book Review- Holy Hell (English)

Who is your idol? I sit there trying hard to fetch some answer for the innocent question. I might be the only one in the group who had to spend time for the question

Until recently Mata Amritanandamayi (henceforthe referred to as Mata) was a strong alternative force to reckon with , for the traditioal Christians. She preached about love, Hinduism. Big names flocked to the Ashram to get a free hug. She brought up empty churches and stood at the altar proclaiming Jesus and Krishna was one and the same
She built speciality hospitals for free, engineering colleges, performed miracles. Her bhajans were filled with white people spotting the white and ochre robes.
Back then we had some serious discussions in our church on the divinity of Mata and importance to vew things in a secular perspective. Many  a times the atmosphere got heated up as we realized we were not able to reproduce the 'love'. People who came back fromAIMS (her multi speciality hospital) sang praises of world class facility and care. Media never lost an opportunity to project the humanitarian work post-Tsunami period.
Amid, these bright lght, there were always a murmur of dissent and disagreement. Questions were asked on foreign fund, which was kept under tight wrap. Thanks to the empire's clout in political circle and media the dissent didn't get any traction.

Unknown to the empire a phase began of unruly growth of the Media powered by youthful restlessness of social network. The first shock came in the form of nurses trike in AIMS. Things got worse when goondas were sent to contain the situation. For the first time a  section of Media stood against the empire and first signs of crack started appearing. Soon after the incident a resident of the Ashram died under mysterious circumstances. The incident was contained by the police but the embers refused to die down.

'Holy Hell' shot  up into limelight when a prominent newspaper media used Facebook to publish parts of th content.
Soon it became a hot topic of discussion and debate . Coupled to that a few political entities dropped into give a religious tone to the whole çonspiracy'. The book had been infact on he stands two years ago. The fact that the book gained attention only recently, shows the anarchic power of social media.
I got hold of the book from a friend of mine. I finished the book in between a three hour train journey. The book is not a literary, philosophical or theological piece. It's a 220 page simple work designed for the layman. If the book hadn't raised a storm, the whole work would've disappeared into obscurity as soon as it were released.

Gail Tredwell was born into an Australian famiy. Well papmpered  by the western materialism, she did exibhit streaks of weakness and soft heartedness. Her family soon disintegrates, thanks to the typical 'western dysfonctional family model' She sets out o roam around Asia with her boyfriend.
Gail developes an attraction with Indian mysticism. The boyfriend leaves her back  in India as he could no longer stay there.  She stays in Arunachalam for a long time and then comes to know of Ámma. She moves in with her  and the story begins

The whole autobographical piece is based on the twenty years of her life with Mata. The book entertains with the fact that we didn't have much of an outsider's story on the orgin and growth of Amma. Most of the books were paid tributes or ínspired tributes'.

Before we start on what the book is about, it would be better to begin with what the book is not about.
The book is not a piece of literarure. It's very poorly edited and concieved
The book doesn't deal on the subject comprehensively, hence there are yawning gaps and at the end of 220 odd pages, we tend to think 'What the holy hell'

The book is more of a inter personal relationship between two ladies. One dominates over the other for some 20 years. The other lets herself to be dominated untl she call it quits . After another 15 years she comes out wit the book on her experience in hell.Sadly Gail chooses not to put herself at the guilty-box many a times. Hence she let go of the chance for a comprehensive study on influence of Indian spirituality among the masses. We can also sense a wee bit of sarcasm through out & there is absolutely nothing on what happened next (after the defection)
I had an argument with a friend on Mata's divinity. I signed off the argument by saying- It's easy to be divine. But too tough to be a human

It wouldn't be fair to opinionate on my part. But still two sentance for the wise

 It's divine to be justa human. If some woman says ' I don't menustruate', I would say 'See a doctor'

Friday, January 31, 2014

Movie Review- Ezhu Sundhara Raathrikal

Sometimes I wonder how easy it would be for a Friday paper 'reviewer' to write on films. You almost have the same stuff fried, deep-fried or dipped in sauce and shoved in to your throat week after week.

After a period of arguments on if the new generation wave will prevail on the traditional bastions, the old generation directors gave into the market force and has started coming up with new experiments bottled in old wineskin

One such guy is director Lal Jose who made his niche making beautiful movies on simple people captured in scenic frames. He has jumped into the new generation bandwagon and has done a shit piece named as 'Ezhu Sundhara Raathrikal'(seven beautiful nights'. If the name has no seduced you into watching it yet, I would deem you lucky

Now here is a list of features compiled together that would help you to classify a new gen movie even before you actually see it

1. The hero has moved from scenic and peaceful countryside to city and bachelor pads
2. He works in çool  jobs like 'journalism' Album, 'Business' or photography
3. The women will believe in social empowerment but ultinately will be cheated by the boyfriend and will roam around looking for revenge by screwing every sex crazed man. In the end she will sign off by a very short speech.
4. Beep words should be used liberally and even more better if women use it
4. The protagonists should be from Kochi since that's whereáll the new generation people resides.
5. The playback singer should do in husky voice with liberal use of noise any acooustic guitar can make.
6. It would be good if the hero roams around in his pad on his boxers7. Now you don't need much of characters- Guy, Gal two or three crazy friends

Now to wrap it all up there should be two r three stories which are made to  meet ogether in the end making everone look stupid

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Convenient revolution

News started seeping in by the afternoon. The court had rejected the only corruption case against the party supremo. This was a shocker nonetheless. The case was flimsy in itself but the government dragged on the case for years. The irony being, the judiciary which is said to be another tool in the hand of the executive atlast dismissed the whole case. Millions of public money flushed down the drain. There will be no one to keep the king maker himself from ascending the throne.  Then started the festivities , garlands, sweets, bouquets. There were victory marches, emotional speeches and everything needed to complete the picture.

Now the fate wasn’t  too willing to let the scene go picture perfect. That evening the father of a student was hacked to death , thanks to the student’s affiliation to the left wing politics. This was a totally unheard of incident and I was wondering how the party would react. One one hand you had the festivities ready for the leader liberated from corruption charges by a system you despised and on the other hand you had a martyr and martyrs are rare to come by.

I was around the place when the ‘historic’ secretariat siege took place. With the military flown there was an anticipation of historic revolution. Thousands of party workers was driven in to the capital. There seemed to be a certain probability of confrontation. The capital looked like a festive ground for me with people walking here and there, buying stuff chatting in groups. Suddenly there came a series of secret negotiations and the siege that was to be pulled out only with Chief Minister’s resignation was called off suddenly. The ‘revolutionary’ party workers, as soon as they heard the news, caught the first bus out of town. With in an hour there was no sign of revolution

Monday, October 7, 2013

Happy B'day to meee

You still have no apartment or vehicle to call your own. You still have no girlfriend and you been losing sleep searching for that species over net. You don’t know driving yet and the hairline has been residing daily. These might be the prominent signal for approaching milestone which reads….’30’

I had turned off the FB notification so I could live without posting ‘ Thank you all for your wishes’. No one would yet know that I am just 2 years away from 30. Some 15 years ago I woke up this day hoping some pretty girl would wish me Happy Birthday. Never happened.

Some how I felt the childhood memories rushing in again. Birthday was the only one day when we were allowed to wear some colorful outfit, giving a break to the usual blue-grey uniform. The night before you cajole , coax and create a tantrum to persuade your Dad to get you a box of chocolates. Then in the first hour you rise up give the chocolates to your classmates. Then you go around every classroom giving one each to the class. You are the star of the day with a few guys hanging on to you hoping to get an extra chocolate. The shine lasts for one more day and then it’s old life again.

13 and 18 were two ages I looked forward to. The former being the unofficial year when you enter the teens. By then it would be cool to fall in love. 18 being the official age of adulthood.

Today I don’t look forward to the birthdays. No one knows it except for some internet sites which sends you these digital birthday greetings. No one asks for a treat, you wake up go to the office, check around , come back home and go to sleep.

This birthday was  abit different- The first thing in the morning I got a chance to fly out to Hyderabad for a couple of days- Welcome Break. In the evening when I got out from the office an old lady stood my way asking for 10 bucks to go home. She had come to worship at the church and go back home by bus if someone lends her the money.

Not a bad birthday after all

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Have a break

Guys I realize I am full of crap these days with lots negative stuff.  So I am pulling the plugs briefly


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Adibas

One day my PT teacher announces: Tomorrow everyone must come in canvas shoes. The ‘canvas’ shoes had been made a compulsory wear. We were a lot of boys who found joy in coming to school only for kicking a ball around, throwing it in a basket or hitting it over. We didn’t bother about the shoes we wore for that. It didn’t really bother us that the school uniform would be soiled.

But now the canvas shoes have been made compulsory.  The real trouble would be to convince my dad to buy for me one.  It’s not that we were poor. But he always needed an extra dose of cajoling to convince him. I being very self conscious wouldn’t want to be picked out and made to miss the once in a week PT class. It’s not that I were a good sportsperson. It’s just that I loved athleticism and still do.

So I would have to start the usual round of tantrums, sulking, hunger strikes unti he takes me out to buy the shoes. And yes he did take me one day to the local market. Mind you, it didn’t even closely remember the air conditioned fancy stuffs you see today.  It’s just small dingy shops with a noisy salesboy and innumerable shoes arranged amazingly like the compartments bee hive.

The boy fetches out a white shoes with blue stripes. The name is “Adibas”. I was confused. Is it the world famous Adidas which makes the sportspeople run fast? “It’s orginal’ the boy exclaims. I fall for it.
I run faster, jump higher and it takes me months to realize that Adidas is not Adibas.

The scene has changed. Today everything comes in extra- Bikes, Cars, Girlfriends, Boyfriends, Boobs, Butts, Houses. There is a surplus of everything everywhere.
The projects have also increased their volumes.  The government  departments have funds in the tune of hundreds of crores.  Then there are vultures who are ready to make their cut. I get so reminded of my manager’ There are so much money out there. Go get it’

The old bad thing ‘commission money’ has been rechristened to fees, gifts, sweat money etc. There is a lot of money waiting to be earned and even there is even more eager people ready to spot a chance and sell off anything
Today we no longer have the old playgrounds. The empty plot is worth crores.

Well the scam volume hasn’t come down too. But there is perfect legal setup to resolve if caught. You will get a clean chit, enough publicity and happily live ever after.  And there is this mediasyndicate which  erases the public memory with a magic wand.

Last day I was reading an article on democracy movements in Vietnam. Why the hell? Here we fight corruption by legalizing it

Friday, July 26, 2013

The reality show of life

February 2013- It’s been six years since I started earning a livelihood. I wear smart clothes, go to office on time , try to get connected to the right people, speaks the right thing- more or less this has been the exercise to earn a living. Over these 6 years I have become all I never wanted to be. I am thankful that I have learnt some invaluable lessons too. Call it the evolution of life.

By the time I was in college all I wanted to do was to earn a huge packet, wear a tie, flirt with the cutest chic and party at the night. That was the time of economic boom. There was a lot of IT companies hunting for talent. There was lot of attractive package. Smart guys went around the campus showing power point slides on why you ought to choose their company. There was one guy who evevn showed us a video of some pub and said ‘We work hard, party harder’. 

After 3 years I decide to move out of the shit hole where people supposedly party harder.  The decision came in when I learnt the guy sitting next to me was offered double my hike. Reason- he was ‘critical’ to the company. I was like- Give me a chance to be ‘critical’. ‘No you must earn it’. ‘What!!’

So I quit the place and joined even more worse one. But I guess this is what life is all about. Once upon a time I looked down on salesmen with a certain pity. But today I go from shop to shop trying to sell obsolete stuff. I hear the shit from uneducated snobs and lovingly call them ‘Dear Sir’. I open facebook and look upon with envy on my classmates posing with white snowball, happiness oozing from their reddish face.  Then there are guys who mercilessly update their location from whichever part of world they are in.

May be in coming months I am getting married. But I just don’t want to spend major part of a day doing things I don’t like. Life looks miserable

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