Saturday, October 18, 2014

Accidentally Rich

The high beams were beating straight into his eyes. He would have sweared at these fancy cars any other day. Over the years the scooter ride home has become too tiring. The fancy cars are too fast, te drivers too careless and added to that the roads would beat the craters in moon. Back home he spent his evenings nursing the sore back

But this evening his thoughts were drawn somewhere else. The high beams didnt bother him. It seemed to him that the traffic was simply floating.

Each morning he woke up hoping his day would be smooth, that he would end up a millionaire, that he would go for jogging or badminton in snowhite outfit. Decades ago when he joined the company, everyone said his life was made. He managed to land up a pretty girl (thanks to the profile). He managed to get a loan and built a small home ( not exactly big as his dream home though)

Then at some point or the other everything stopped. He seemed to be stuck in his position for decades. Company seemed to have got over its boom. Everything became stagnant. The once bright lights seemed to have dimmed, wooden furnishing seemed to be peeling off and the air stenchy.

People seemed to hate each other and were too eager to bite each other behind the back. Can't blame them. This is the only way to get through this eternal pit. Back then , while joining, 'no-pension' didn't bother him much. Life seemed to be forever young. Now with a little more than a decade left for a 'tearful send off' he felt the involuntary shivers down his spine

The only thing he feared was his sons ending up doing mediocre things like him. Unless he wins a lottery or some childless uncle leaves him an estate he doesn't have any chance. But the probablity of both incidents were very very negligible.

That's when the well dressed sauve-speaking marketing executive came up for a 'financial education' session. He had tried his  hand at all fancy financial instruments and came out unhurt but not rich. Even though nothing else interested him, the 'Áccidental insurance' caught his imagination. A paltry amount can make him richer if he 'died'. And added to that there is no limit for the amount to which his life can be nsured. The marketing executive, seeing his interest went a step  ahead and regaled him with the stories of dead men who ended up rich.

The scooter kept on floating in his dream world until rudely awoken by the sudden beam of light from a car that took a sharp turn in front of him

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