Friday, July 26, 2013

The reality show of life

February 2013- It’s been six years since I started earning a livelihood. I wear smart clothes, go to office on time , try to get connected to the right people, speaks the right thing- more or less this has been the exercise to earn a living. Over these 6 years I have become all I never wanted to be. I am thankful that I have learnt some invaluable lessons too. Call it the evolution of life.

By the time I was in college all I wanted to do was to earn a huge packet, wear a tie, flirt with the cutest chic and party at the night. That was the time of economic boom. There was a lot of IT companies hunting for talent. There was lot of attractive package. Smart guys went around the campus showing power point slides on why you ought to choose their company. There was one guy who evevn showed us a video of some pub and said ‘We work hard, party harder’. 

After 3 years I decide to move out of the shit hole where people supposedly party harder.  The decision came in when I learnt the guy sitting next to me was offered double my hike. Reason- he was ‘critical’ to the company. I was like- Give me a chance to be ‘critical’. ‘No you must earn it’. ‘What!!’

So I quit the place and joined even more worse one. But I guess this is what life is all about. Once upon a time I looked down on salesmen with a certain pity. But today I go from shop to shop trying to sell obsolete stuff. I hear the shit from uneducated snobs and lovingly call them ‘Dear Sir’. I open facebook and look upon with envy on my classmates posing with white snowball, happiness oozing from their reddish face.  Then there are guys who mercilessly update their location from whichever part of world they are in.

May be in coming months I am getting married. But I just don’t want to spend major part of a day doing things I don’t like. Life looks miserable

Monday, July 8, 2013

Meaningless degrees

So I am back guys, may be no one really missed me. If anyone ever did, it would be the guys who put fake ads in my space. So I sit here in the morning, thinking of a better way to utilize time. I did miss my gym, thanks to laziness.
The last time I had gone to see off my friend. It seems like yesterday that he had got admission for medicine. How cruel time is. It shows no mercy to the one who wants it to stay on. The years of youth just rolled by, we both graduated and understood the realities of life is so very bad.
For me it was the fight to come into terms with the fact that world is nothing but a huge market where straight men have no place. I got sick of full sleeves and ties, then I got sick of selling obsolete machines. Falsehood given an icing of ethics is the right dose for organizational success.
Forhim it might be the realization that medicine is meant for reaping money and reaping money is no longer a matter of choice. So he had to hunt for college to make his masters. With a lots of uncertainity in front of him, he decides to fly away to USA to get his masters.

The world has no place for the talented as long as you’re not good enough to market it. Tharun was an amazingly talented doctor. He was made to be a good doctor from day 1. I have noticed people opening up to him so easily about their pains, shame etc. I guess he exuded a feeling that he would solve out their problems.  I thought he would go off to community service. Sadly that didn’t happen.

In between that so many ‘brilliant’ guys who got admission to government colleges for medicine simply threw off their degrees and went into the glorious world of beauracracy. I guess they might have been seduced by the tiny tri colour flag, red beacons and men in uniform saluting them. Sad is the plight of the common man who burnt up his savings for the studies of these blue eyed doctors. Now they move into a place where more of tax payer’s money is burnt. Now what’s the criteria of these intelligentsia choosing civil servants ??

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