Saturday, December 25, 2010

Dreams shatterd at NIFT

The second and final day at Bangalore was meant to be fun and dreams. Vattu had some wild ideas. His friend from college had managed to get into National Institute of Fashion Technology(NIFT), Bangalore.

In his words- The girls in the campus walked around the campus, in various forms of undress. They thirst for men as the few available in the campus are gay. Dey, if we can manage to get into the campus, rest will be history.

That night I wove quite a lot dreams- dreams full of wicked girls waiting to pounce on men. We got up early. We had to catch the evening train back home. So we checked out of the room. My bag had grown quite heavier, thanks to the purchases. But the excitement was quite good pain relief.

There was a long walk to the college from the main road. There were no trees on the road and sun was quite shiny too. We tried to forget the fatigue by cracking bad jokes. As time went on the jokes became stinky. ‘May be these girls come to this boutique to pose as models. May be the wine shop over there would be the place where the lonely girls get drunk and do their sexy belly dance. May be this fruit shop would be the place they came to get their health food’.

Atlast the brown building came into view. We half walked half ran to the oasis. Our heart sank as we saw the deserted campus. ‘Where are those semi-nude forms?’There was none except for the loin cloth clad guy dressed as Hanuman. To make things worse Kulli was ignoring our calls. I kept my bag and sat down there in front of the college. Vattu went on dialing. ‘Dude, let’s get out of here. I don’t think it’s worthwhile.’ The shattered dreams + the idea of carrying the heavy bag back through the deserted roads arouse all the negative feelings in me. We agreed to wait for 20 minutes.

To our great relief Kulli picked up our call. She had been bathing. The college had instilled some good values in her. She had started bathing and that too at hour/month rate. ‘Hey, where have all the girls gone to? ‘’Guys this is a Sunday. No one would be up from their bed yet. Besides there is a film shooting going on. Come on let’s hit some mall.’

The greatest time pass in Bangalore is to hit a mall. I can’t figure out still why people consider it as very lively. So we walked back through the road this time with Kulli to regale us with her take on ‘drugs’. According to her it’s highly recommended to take cocaine/hashish/marijuana. They help you to access the ‘higher realms of life’ (whatever it means). She had infact plotted a drug testing session with her close buddies (as it’s going to be the first time for her). And she promised to let us know how it went.

So till the evening we roamed around Forum. Most of the time was spent on the book corner, Hallmark. There were intellectuals/pseudo intellectuals pretending to be busy with books. ‘Reading’ has become a status symbol with the middle class. I came across a book, written by a Tamil, which had the picture of a buxom beauty clad in a very low cut blouse drinking out of a skull using a straw. Me and Vattu thought of gifting Kulli this one!

[The train journey back home was very long and tiring. But I managed to finish ‘Age of Kali’. As I sat in the train surrounded by Aiyappas, I could reminiscence with a thankful heart that all went well.]


Mingled Minds said...

lol..the walk to NIFT was disappointing...try u r luck next time.... hehehehe...

Madhu said...

nice to read all of this...:)

the pics add that xtra touch to ur post!

Purba said...

My brother went to NIFT too, but that was such a long time back.
Why is all cities have mostly the same malls and similar stores...borrring!

sm said...

interesting read with pics

simply me said...

lolsss dreams shattered at NIFT :P

Renu said...

Nice read!!!!

nikhimenon said...

nice to yur blog..btw loved yur review f benyamin's latest novel....joinin the blog

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