Friday, May 4, 2012

Movie review - Mallu Singh (Malayalam)

There's a category for the 'feel good movie'. They are loud, pointless, breathe taking. At the end of it you feel like just having  masturbated. You felt good, but regret for wasting it.

There's some sort of lame story. There are beautiful girls, dances and a hot item. There are plenty of slow mo fights to bore you. For a change Suraj cracks clean, good jokes.

The best part is the hero Unni Mukundan. Another hulk with plenty of muscles and great attitude. He did carry the predictable story very well. Although the character didn't test him much. K Boban, supposedly on the return from ashes tries to do a lame aping of Dileep. The women are hot.

Malayalam cinema is facing a dangerous trend of shortage in support caste. The same crew does the same boring roles. The old men try to pass off as sweet teenagers. And they do some real wierd hair do. The heroes use plenty of editors' knives to feign the style. Bits and parts are borrowed from all parts of India. Absolutely no creativity

I've never seen a worse lighting. The story board is too amateurish.

And ...sheesh..not worth it


Anonymous said...

I watched the Movie Mallusingh...will not get an oscar for it..but a clean family your "about me" too..Shakesphere..blah,blah..its funny than mallusingh...stop pretensions bro.people culd se through you for that they need not be shakesphere, da vinci or Ben Franklin

Jon said...

Ah I said its clean.. and not so long ago this entertainer would have bombed in Kerala. Shows our taste buds are waning.
I can't guess if u r a boy or girl. Judging from the stupidity I guess u must be of fair sex. Read the profile. I didn't pretend . But I hope some day I will be a writer, football manager or a center back
Give me d liberty to dream

Anonymous said...

Mallu singh is a colorful mass entertainer which you can watch with ur family. no double meaning dialogues.. enjoy the ACTION,ROMANCE,DANCE,EMOTIONAL SCENES.. And apart from all, superb performance by 1 year old in Industry - new generation actor Unni Mukundan. That counts..

Jon said...

Action.. overdosed
Dance ..very good. The opener was real beauty
Romance ..u kidding me. 40 yr romance a 20!!
Emotion : wrong planet

nikhimenon said...

saw the movie..ts nothing but shit..
ya,unni luks gud..thats t

Anonymous said...

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