Friday, August 22, 2014

A marriage and some memories

i was not very sure about going for his marriage, in the first place. It has been a principle not to attend marriages over 'Facebook invites', But it has been 13 years and it wasn't a bad idea to meet up some old buddies. And at the last moment I decided to ask my driver to drop me at the marriage venue.

As soon as I got down, a white scooter stopped right in front of me with a sudden brake ' Hello Jon!!' Here comes Arun. He was kind of sweet guy back from school. We weren't best buddies then. But some years ago he sends me a Facebook request and here comes request after request to read his blog. I didn't have the heart to tell him that his blogs were all equally pathetic. And now, I dreaded if he would want to make sure I read his blog. Thankfully he didn't, in anyway. But I was quite surprised when he peppered his sentences with English in proper American slang. Every distraught techie who hasn't got a chance to 'fly out' spends time to google about life and times in USA. By the time he reaches USA, he would be knowing more about Obamacare than the non chalant American.

The marriage began. The bridegroom, Aswin hadn't changed over years except for the visible paunch. He hadn't lost his trademark look- one eye larger than the other. Something you would see in cartoons. I remembered a joke we made out of  him. He used to doze in class and he would wake up suddenly to twitch his organ as if turning a door knob. He had a best friend- the typical talkative small guy you would find in every class. The small guy was the one who taught me how to masturbate by stimulating it on a pen

Unfortunately I couldn't find anyone except for John. John was of slight built back then. Then we learnt he joined Airforce before joining college. He was talking about the desperateness to get out of the job. We had considered him to be lucky back then.
How wrong we are. I hung around to see if I could get a whiff of air from school. But no, time had flown by so fast and it seemed difficult to me, a bunch of guys who tried hard to masturbate, now getting married

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