Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A letter to Mein Fuhrer

I would like to congratulate you & your fellow management for systematically gagging and destroying the so called employees association. I was never an admirer of the association. Their sole aim in life was collecting the monthly fees & giving benevolent posting to the faithful. Still, with all the flaws, the association was an accepted body that took up the issues of the employees. Now with the nemesis out of the way, you can practice more ‘democracy’.

Trash loading the Bank Times with your pleas, war cries, prophecies of impending doom was one smart move. The web site was official site for communication & a place where all the employees frequented. The association never had such a forum. You alienated the old behemoth with your smart move. You exploited the crowd mentality & addiction to ‘bytes’. My heart felt appreciation. You’re smart & this smartness might be the reason that overlooked your lack of seniority and catapulted you to the chairman of the nation’s largest banks. This smartness will ensure you end up with a plump posting upon the impending retirement.

The world we live in is not for the people who are good at heart. Rather its for the ones who speak about love, benevolence, ethics, balancing personal & professional life, taking care of your parents & ultimately gifting ambulances and water purifiers. By the way you needn’t mention that gifting ambulances and water purifiers , which you do in the name of Corporate Social Responsiblity helps your accountants to play with balance sheets more favourably.

Now, it has become another great fantasy to declare a working day out of the blue. Holidays are looked on with fear and contempt. Imagine having to serve the esteemed customer while you should’ve been with your family?!! I just love the way you shock your employees by putting the ad in every single newspaper declaring the bank will open on holidays. And for the record you’ve even declared the bank will open till midnight on Easter. The ad addressed to the ‘esteemed customer’ scares the shit out of 50 year old lazy bum who would’ve been looking forward to spend time relaxing at home.
As if to add icing to the cake he scampers around searching for the benefits he’s entitled to get for dragging his lazy ass to the office on a holiday. One day I bet you are going to surprise one and all by removing the perks and I hope i live long enough to see it.

I donot understand who are you trying to serve by the ‘extended working hours’. I don’t see the Indian masses rejoicing seeing your notification in the paper. Nor do they bother to bank just because its a holiday. Sir, I guess men live by bread and water alone. They donot eat cash.
May be you’re in the process of conducting a great sociological experiment by churning out a mass of obedient employees who are unable to respond. Who am I to question your vision!

All the very best to you Sir

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