Monday, July 11, 2011

Movie Review- No One Killed Jessica (Hindi)

This might be one of the most well publicized movie on one of the most well publicized incident of our times. The Jessica Lal murder case gave the Indian youth to unite and enlighten themselves on the fa├žade behind the fool’s paradise. As for the film, everyone supposed it to be a sure shot hit with face saving exercise for two of the ‘once upon a time’ heroines- Rani Mukherjee and Vidya Balan.

The director would have been compelled to do something different as the incident and proceedings are too well known. He would have gone for a better treatment and meaningful visuals.

The visuals are genius work in parts and there are compelling dialogues. But they are too obvious and fall short of brilliance. The film begins in a very dull note. The opening of a film seems to be a waterloo for most Indian film-makers. The usual Page 3 bashing has been done very well. After a grueling half, the film falls flat. The characters suddenly vanish into thin air and from then on ‘public’ is the hero!

Can’t help closing, without a special mention on Rani. She tried her best to play a sophisticated, career minded, soft hearted bitch. Some of the dialogues would have sounded cool. Hope she realizes this is her best time to quit. Vidya did a great performance. She is one of the most under rated in industry. Other than these two no one else have anything much to do.

The role of media in social enlightening has turned out to become a very critical issue. I choose that to be a different topic.

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