Thursday, September 8, 2011

Movie Review- A certified copy (Italian)

I have been watching much movies recently. Sadly I haven't been able to put down any. And thus came to decision that until I put down two of them I won't be watching anymore.

'A certified copy' was recommended by a movie buff friend of mine. Directed by Abbas Khiorstami, I thought this was going to be Iranian. I kept eagerly awaiting for the flrst 10 minutes for any hint of Iranian but found out otherwise. The film is basically in Italian with international star cast. Now why did the director go for Italian would be an interesting question and I guess it might have something to do with the theme.

Abbas' has a great ability to piece together a story from numerous jigsaw puzzles. The end product would invariably be a thriller which rivets you to your seat inspite of a slow pace The movie starts off with the protagonist giving a lecture on the influence of 'orginal' and 'inspired' work in the world of art. Then walks in the heorine and the movie starts.

The movie revolves around the conversation the protagonists share and the background. As they walk, talk and have coffee a new twist in the relationship evolves. We are forced to make a shift in our perception frequently. The conversation even forces us to question ourselves on our perception on relationship.

Does people change with time? Does the relationship evolve along with people? Are we naive when we expect romance even after decades? The protagonists try to find an answer as they attempt to cure an ailing relationship. As I said earlier the movie is so much related with art and architecture. Hence Italy would have been the ideal location. There is powerful performance from Julia Binochette and Michael. The actors who appear on sideline also deliver. The camera concentrates on the central figures and their actions.

FOOTNOTE: A brilliant movie. But not best of Abbas and slightly on the slower side.

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