Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Movie Review - 7aum arivu (Tamil)

It's difficult to judge a Tamil movie by normal standards. Particularly due to their liking of fantasy and super heroism. But according to me the universal yardstick for a cinema is screen play and intent.

I did hear from others that this was a 'watchable' movie. A cousin had come down and wanted to go for any Tamil. Hoping this to be a worthwhile exercise, I booked a ticket.

The movie opened with much grandiose. It travelled back to ages, similar to the lines adopted by Kamal Hassan's Dasavatharam. Surya trotted around in his chiselled body and hair locks. He saved the Chinese from some deadly virus and then Barbarians. Camera moves into the present. The present day Surya dances and prances around in his brunette hair do. Sruti gives him company. I sit in my seat hoping the director will come to his senses. To my horror he climaxed with some of the horrific logic ever discovered.

The only good part of the movie is Surya. Murugadoss hoped he could carry along with good looks and six pack abs as he did in Ghajini. For him half the work of Ghajini were already done by Nolan. Here he had to do something orginal. He comes.up with some of the most laughable logical and genetic explanation, immersed Surya in some blue solution and passed shocks hoping it will awaken his genetic memory. Thankfully Surya's genetic memory wakes up in nick of time to save the world from a Chinese catastrophe.

Shruthi Hassan has probably decided to move into acting from her lackluster stint as Rockstar. She is a genetic engineer this time, hell bent on tracing the Tamil greatness. The one thing I learnt about genetics is copulation of two great actors needn't produce another one.

The constant harping of ancient Tamil greatness, invinciblity and the betrayal is unbearable to watch. Please grow up guys. There is more to history than Boddhi Dharma


Tejaswi said...

Simple and Superb Review. I liked it.

Anonymous said...

Poda punnaku thalaiya, what do you know about tamil to comment on it u piece of Malayali shit...

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