Friday, December 30, 2011

Are you the one?


I wish I could talk to you. I wish we could sit up late in the nights and go on and on. I wish I could bare myself to you.

The last year, I met a lot of people. They never rose above their own seat of self affirmation. As I said today, no one dared question themselves. The pattern is set for them and they run in it.

Well, the only trouble with you is you donot want to run in the maze, you want to break it open and come out. The rest of the society is not going to like it. Because you have questioned the system as a whole. When you said, you enrolled for the institute, I thought may be you’re just the ordinary girl after all.

But each day, you reveal a different dimension to me. You make me question myself.

Everyday I wish, I have someone in life to whom I could say , ‘You complete me’

Are you the one?

Happy that the last post of 2011 ended in love. Happy new year everyone.

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