Monday, April 9, 2012

Sights and sounds of Mumbai Ch: 1

The aircraft floated for a couple of hours, surrounded by feathery clouds.  Then suddenly it fell down into earth below. First it was the brown earth, then we saw the tiny boxes on the brown earth.
Another careful look and you realize its the famous slums of Dharavi , the once famous landmark of the city. But now the slum is surrounded by high rise buildings, threatening to gobble it up. From the outset, yes it is a good sight.

Mumbai used to be the promised land for a generation. It was a place where things happened. Although Mumbai might not have made you rich, it helped you to put the bread and butter on your table. May be even marry off your siblings.

Back then the city lived at mercy of the mafia. They held the keys of wealth and death. They went on to acquire the invincible status. There were a handful of dynasties. They controlled everything from films to politics to crickets.

But then the liberalisation came in. The city no longer needed its para law makers, since the country did away with many of the laws. What the state needed was licensed law breakers and then the corporates stepped in.
Slowly the bhai logs were encountered off. The corporates took over the reins. The roads were widened. More trains came in. Better law and order. Shopping malls, eat outs , multiplexes...what boy. The big boys went on to make it into world's richest lists. Being rich, being greedy were no longer sin , but a virtue


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